A Rainy Trip to Chester

My best friends and I left the railway station near our homes in brilliant sunshine. However, somewhere along the two-hour train journey, the weather took a turn for the worse. When we finally arrived in Chester city at lunchtime we decided to stop at Pizza Hut as it was closest at the time and we naively hoped the rain would stop.

Out of the three days we spent in Chester, it rained and rained practically constantly. Still, it was a fun trip and we plan to go again later in the summer in better weather.

Knowing my luck it will rain next time as well. Afterall, it tipped it down in the Lakes and I believe I’m destined to remain wet during my trip to York tomorrow, where I shall be staying for a week.


Thunderbolts and Lightning, very, very frightning! Me! Galileo!

Is it wrong to scared of being home alone at eleven o’clock in the morning when it’s as dark as midnight, it’s tipping it down with rain, there are big crashes of thunder and the blinding flashes of lightning?

I mean, I’m nineteen now. Perhaps not grown-up, but technically I am an adult. I should be able to cope.

It’s fine, I tell myself. That crash isn’t some huge giant lumbering towards our house.

That dripping isn’t the blood of its victims.

And that screaming isn’t from the school children down the road (or perhaps it is, after all they’re only five – they’re allowed to be frightened)

Keep calm, switch on the TV and pretend your not here.

That’s it, deep breaths.






Actually, no, I can’t do this. Mummy – come home!

Seven Pounds: Will Smith

“In seven days God created the world. And in seven seconds I shattered mine.” – Seven Pounds (2008)

Yesterday my brother was doing his PRE (Philosophy, Religion and Ethics) homework and said he needed a film which had moral implications. After suggesting Seven Pounds and trying to remember what exactly what happened we decided to put it on.

Will Smith stars as Ben Thomas, a man who is trying to redeem himself after causing a terrible catastrophe, ruining several lives. He chooses seven people who he believes deserve a second chance and plans to help them. However, after developing feelings for one girl, whose life is in the balance, he must decide whether he should reveal his secret or continue with his original intentions.

The first time I watched it, Seven Pounds was a bit confusing as the scenes flashed between Ben’s life before and after the accident. At the time, as I remember it, it wasn’t clear what had happened to cause the torrent of guilt and the drive for redemption, however, it remained a powerful and moving experience as the story becomes apparent by the end.

This film certainly shows Will Smiths’ acting at its best, he displays real emotion for each decision he makes and causes the audience’s emotions to fly with him. Though Seven Pounds is not a happy film, it ends on a joyful, inspiring and hopeful note as Ben succeeds in bringing new life and opportunities for the chosen seven.

As well as being an excellent film, Seven Pounds is also a thought-provoking experience as it raises questions and moral issues over who has the right to decide who deserves life, death or a second chance. Ben Thomas tests his chosen seven to see if they are kind enough to be worthy of his help, but should that really be his decision? Who is he to condemn a person to a life of poor health just because there is someone else who he sees as a more worthwhile subject?

Anyway, moral issues aside Seven Pounds is an absorbing, captivating film; perfect for an afternoon with your feet up. My advise would be to watch it with a comforting cup of tea and a box of tissues.


IBS as it’s called in it’s short form…terrible “illness” this…

I was reading my favourite blog/website (“needled” – Kate Davies) about to type a comment when a comment caught me eye and I clicked on the link to check out this blog….”mystudentstruggles”..long story short…I have horrid memories of the worst episodes…it’s painful and unpleasant…I wish her well…

Funny how we are sent here to this physical plane, in the body we are given (nothing by choice, mind you) without a manual….part of life is to find the best way to care for this physical body of ours…while searching for our mission…if we are lucky, we will connect our inner self and the universe and find our purpose before our days are over…

I had this long “conversation” with my best friend the other day…via texting…how did she phrase it?  Hmm…quoting her (thanks, babe)..

“I think we get to similar places…

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A trip to the Lakedistrict: Woolfest

This weekend I visited the Lakedistrict to attend the Woolfest, just outside of Cockermouth. http://www.woolfest.co.uk/ The Woolfest has been orgainised by Woolclip since 2005, it involves many weavers, spinners, knitters and felters all displaying their wool and fabulous designs.

The start of our little holiday was … well there’s only one word for it – wet. The trip up the M6 was terrible, at some points we could hardly see 100 meters infront, with the backs of lorries and cars seemingly appearing out of nowhere. Anyway, thankfully we arrived in the Lakedistrict safe and sound. Braving the weather we ventured into Ambleside for some lunch and a bit much needed of retail therapy.

Having never been to the Woolfest before I wasn’t sure what to expect but knew I wanted a fleece. My mother had been on a course where she learned how to felt a sheeps fleece to make a rug, and I wanted to do one for my room. After wading through the muddy car park I felt like flitting from one stall to the next, but restrained myself. We chose our fleeces, mine a dark Jacob and Mums a blue-faced leicester and dropped them off in the wool creche before making our way up and down the aisles.

Now, along with all the half-finished projects at home, I’ve added to the list. If ever you want some crafty/arty inspiration go along to the Woolfest in the Lakedistrict. Wish me luck with completing my new projects!

Our Garden

It’s not very often I actually enjoy the garden for what it is. Usually, since I’ve grown up anyway, the garden is where the parents disappear to once the weather improves in the spring/summer.

So, the other day, as I was laying on the lawn in the sun, I decided to show my appreciation for the wonder of nature by taking some photographs.