The start of my student struggles

Last September I headed off to start my first year at uni knowing something wasn’t right. However, unwilling to admit this and delay a year (not only due to the rise in tuition fees this summer but all my friends were going) I went and just about survived freshers. A couple of weeks into term things got worse; I got spells of dizziness and stomach pains. At half term – sorry, READING week – I went home, and to my parents I appeared pale and thin. Being me, and never admitting when I have a headache let alone anything worse, I continued to ignore it.

Having been unable to return to uni after that week it still took my parents a while to get me to the hospital. After several doctors appointments I was dragged to A&E, where we sat around for hours. Convinced I was going to be sent home that day I was extremely disappointed once I realised this wasn’t the case.

Eight days later and I was, thankfully, home. It seemed I have colitis; something I had never heard of before, although now it appears everyone knows someone who has it.

Luckily, modern technology and the nature of my course, sociology, meant I was able to catch up on lectures online and having been given extensions on essay deadlines, I didn’t have to quit for that year.

I stayed home ‘till Christmas, as the doctor ordered, recuperating and feeling much better – something which was hard to admit as I didn’t want to say there was anything wrong or that my parents had been right in shipping me off to the hospital.

Returning to uni was hard in January as I had been away for some time and even though I had met a few people while I was there, closer friendship groups had been made without me. Being naturally shy I found it difficult to approach strangers, who at the beginning of the year hadn’t seemed so scary as no one had known anyone. Anyway, during lectures I sat with a couple of girls who I had met before and was surprised to find myself not lagging behind at all.

Has anyone else suffered illness at arguably defining moments in their lives? Or had an illness that no matter how many times you try to convince yourself won’t interfere with your life means you have to make significant sacrifices?


4 thoughts on “The start of my student struggles

  1. I hear you…it’s extremely unpleasant…there are SO many of us out there…there’s hope! Don’t despair!!

    I am in my mid 40’s and suffered years of stomach pains since a child and no one knew what’s up until I suffered from this crazy episode that required me to stay home for what seemed like a month…drifting in and out of extreme pain…(went through all sorts of tests that showed negative….) When a G.I. doc suggested that it’s all in my head, so he prescribed meds for depression? I knew it went too far…

    Luckily my older sis was into “Healthy Healing”…she (not a doctor?!) diagnosed me…Irritable Bowel Syndrome…I had to change my diet, exercise more often and really, review how I look at life…and stress…all’s well now…it’s a lifetime’s worth of learning…how to live in our bodies….

    I went through years of pain…visits to the E.R.s in foreign countries…there’s light at the end of the tunnel….you have your life ahead of you….you will find your mission in life soon enough…in the mean time, enjoy….

    Take care!!!

    • I know, I’ve been on websites and been surprised at how many do suffer from something I hadn’t really heard of before. I suppose it isn’t something most people like to broadcast.
      I hope you don’t suffer anymore and it’s all under control.
      I’m still struggling but getting along, made it to the Woolfest this weekend and off to play tennis now, so hopefully things getting back to normal.
      Thanks for the comment, really appreciated.
      Take care 🙂

  2. Thank you…it is, but I really have to be mindful of my diet and to manage my stress level…just had a bit of a mild flare up…it’s all good…I have to work on being not so hard on myself 🙂

    I’m so jealous! Good for you! So you got to meet Kate? L-u-c-k-y!!! Enjoy! Take care! Have a great summer break!

    • I’m still figuring out my diet and the exams are over so no stress atm. Glad you’re feeling ok.
      The weekend was wet but brilliant 😀 I put some pictures up of the event. Maybe you’ll make it next year?
      Enjoy your summer too 🙂

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