Plans for the Future

Does everyone know what they’re going to do when they grow apart from me? With the exception of a fellow student, Sarah, who is planning on taking a leaf out of Peter Pan’s book and staying a child forever.

For instance, my mother knew she was going to be a physiotherapist since she was twelve. And my brother has grand plans of designing and building his own home after completing an architecture course at Lancaster University, and he’s only fifteen.

Me? I study sociology with no idea what I’m aiming for. Sometimes it’s nice to dream about owning my own little cafe, as I’ve been told I’m good at baking and I enjoy it. However, I know, after working in a cafe, that it’s not as easy as you sometimes wish. Oh well, I’ll keep studying and hope something comes up along the way.


6 thoughts on “Plans for the Future

  1. I feel the same way – as if everyone else has their life figured you while bumble about trying to look productive. I’m sure sooner than later what you’re meant to do will hit you. All the best!

  2. Hey,
    I know how you’re feeling, i.e. if you’re still feeling this way. I’m a student myself and I started studying with no idea of what to do afterwards. It was only during my studies that I finally came up with something: journalism. I guess that’s the way it often works. Don’t overthink things or pressure yourself. You’ll find an answer along the way. I wish you all the best for your future!

Thank you for your comment. I shall endeavour to visit and comment on your blog :D

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