Equal Pay

Gilles Simon commented last week at Wimbledon that women shouldn’t get paid the same as men in prize money. This was firmly rebuked by the female players and sparked discussions in the commentary box as the male ex-players backed away from accusing females, afraid to state that, ‘yes, in fact, we do play more sets, our matches do last longer. This guy has a point.’ In a poll conducted by the Guardian, 77% of people thought women should be paid less than men.

Another argument against equal pay is that because of the length of the mens matches it is extremely unusual for the top players, or at least those expecting to enter the second week, do not play doubles as well as singles. Whereas, the women find it easier to do both, and so can collect doubles and singles reward money. I remember a couple of years ago the Williams sisters played together in the doubles finals and against each other in the doubles. It is hard to imagine the men doing the same, and not only because it must be hard to face your sister acroos the court after being a team only the day before. Even the greats like Nadal, Federer or Djokovic would struggle imensley under the pressure of five set matches in both singles and doubles.

However, saying all this, equal reward money should be given as the women play just as good tennis and play, if not equally as long, equally challenging matches. Also, they have the same expences, the same committments to family and so deserve to be paid the same. Personally, I think that in this day and age, stating women shouldn’t recieve equal pay is an outdated, pointless, not to mention sexist, move.


2 thoughts on “Equal Pay

  1. Women work just as hard as the men regardless of the number of sets. Simon wants to live in the past where sexism was accepted and normal, he should enter the 21st Century.

Thank you for your comment. I shall endeavour to visit and comment on your blog :D

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