Katie Fford: the perfect summer read

There’s nothing better than sitting in the garden, under the sun, with a good book. After a hectic week at work, or school, or perhaps both, a good read is necessary. However, more often than not the brain shuts down at the weekend, causing the complex meanings and motives behind a mystery drama or action thriller to simply pass you by, leaving the reader more confused and tired than ever.

Therefore, an alternative must be found. For me, every year I read a few of Katie Fford’s romance novels, books which have been described as “top-drawer romantic escapism” by You Magazine and “a funny, fresh and lively read” by Heat. Katie Fford has the ability to create, arguably ordinary, characters and still form a sense of intrigue so that the reader becomes hooked. So much so that one book can be finished in a day or two, or a few evenings if you’re busy. Using normal, recognisable characters increases the appeal as it is very easy to become convinced something similar could also change your life for the better. Perhaps a mysterious stranger, or an old flame.

Despite being able to pick out the ‘hero’ of the hour in most of the blurbs, as can be achieved with many gentle romances, Katie Fford writes to hold the reader in suspense as to when the heroine is going to come to her senses until the very end.

Brief Biography: “Katie Fford lives Gloucestershire with her husband and some of her three children. Recently her old hobbies of ironing and housework have given way to singing, Flamenco dancing and husky racing. She claims this keeps her fit.”

A quick over view of some of my favourites:

  1. Thyme Out: Perdita runs into her ex-husband in the most unlikely of places; a kitchen. When they were married neither of them could boil an egg (which was part of their problem), so how come Lucas is being groomed as the next celebrity chef? Life become even more complex when Kitty, her 87-year-old friend, has a stroke. Is Lucas really the villain, or is he the pillar Perdita needs to lean on?
  2. Wedding Season: Sarah is a very successful wedding planner, who doesn’t believe in love. Unfortunately, she finds herself organising two weddings, for the same day, in only two months time. Luckily, she has a small team of tried and trusted friends willing to help take the strain. Elsa, a shy dress designer, and Bron, a multi-talented hairdresser. All three women are rushed off their feet and don’t have much time to contemplate their own love lives. Or do they?
  3. Artistic Licence: Thea, tired of looking after a houseful of students, runs off to Ireland with Rory, a charming but feckless artist. The arrival of Molly, her bossy but well-meaning friend; Thea’s most annoying lodger, Petal; and her uncle Ben, a man who Thea swears she will never like brings reality into the beautiful, content land of Ireland.

Well worth a space in your suitcase.


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