Decoupage Box

These cardboard boxes are brilliant. Only a few quid from the Range they offer hours of intense concentration and enjoyment. When choosing your box make sure the draw/lid opens and closes quite easy because when you add paper obviously the fit will be tighter. As I didn’t think the lid or draw would close properly if I added paper, I painted the lip of the box and the sides and bottom of the draw in silver (you can just about see this here).

Tear up some fancy paper, or you could always use pages from old magazines, in roughly equal pieces. Then, get sticking. I just used PVA glue, you don’t need anything special. The curved top of the box was a little fiddly at the edges as I didn’t want any ‘bubbles’ or folds in the paper. The straight edges of paper were perfect for making sure no cardboard was visible, especially round the mirror.

Next, I used the same paper (green) for the mirror and the bottom half of the box – including the base. And the pink paper for the front of the drawer as well as the lid of the box to give it a nice contrast.

Now the fiddly bit – lining the drawer was quite easy, just cutting the paper to size. But when it came to the little compartments under the lid it got a bit more complicated, so a cup of tea and some chocolates were needed before starting 😀

As all the little sections in the box are slightly different sizes I found it easier to cut out the paper and arrange the pieces in a template-pattern so I knew which bit went where. Also, it’s good to have bits that overlap for a more even finish.

When this is all painstakingly stuck in (be careful you put them in in the right order otherwise your little flaps will end up on top) you can give it a quick varnish to hold all the paper in place (I used PVA mixed with a tiny bit of water as the glue was old and so quite thick). Secure the mirror in the inside of the lid and in this case make sure the ribbon is fixed behind the mirror. Wait for it to dry and ta-da! One decoupage jewlery box 🙂


10 thoughts on “Decoupage Box

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  2. Aww this box is adorable! I’ve wanted to make one of these for a while but haven’t done it yet. I like the colors and patterns you’ve used!

    • Thank you 😀
      The actual box I brought from a store that sells art/crafty things. Called the Range in the UK but I don’t know what would be similar in other countries.
      Then you stick the paper onto it. Quite simple but lining the draws takes time 🙂

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