Phoenix Child – a review

Phoenix Child by Alica McKenna-Johnson

I came by this self-published author via hpfandom, where her story ‘Gypsy Caravan’ was one of the top ten. I’ve gone off fanfiction sites now but amongst the immature often cliche-in-a-roll-your-eyes sort of way a few gems hide. Alica is one of these rare authors who deserves recognition, ‘Gypsy Caravan’ was an original and captivating read. From there I came by Alica’s blog and saw she had an e-book so I downloaded it onto my kindle, from Amazon. A spontaneous buy really 🙂

Phoenix Child is a gentle tale with engaging characters from different cultures. Contains clear echoes of ‘Gypsy Caravan’s’ eclectic mix of original, diverse characterisations. On the surface some seem too perfect, images of dream-like people, but then, this adds to the magic of their gifts. Their interactions show they are just like us despite the flawless, beautiful exteriors Alica’s characters enjoy.

As well as the more super natural/fantasy elements Alica delicately and effectively depicts the struggles of a young teenager brought up in the care system and is reluctant to leave and face the uncertainty of family.

Since Phoenix Child is primarily a work of fantasy where a young girl strives to accept her ‘destiny’. As such, I see this book as one which would have enthralled me a few a years ago, more than it does today. I’m not certain what age group Alica planned to target but I feel this book is one teenaged children would enjoy more than their parents. The plot is very well-developed and is interspersed with cute messages from the girl’s mother. These are a great addition as they bring the story together and it is through these that the reader becomes more connected with the characters and gives the story a spiritual edge, enhancing the appeal I feel. A very good read.


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