Did you know Frogs rule the universe?

Falling Sideways by Tom Holt

Holt’s fiction is…befuddling. From the moment you start reading, you’re not sure whether to be amused or confused. Certainly bemused.

David Perkins bumbles his way into a police station, an outcome he is sure has been orchestrated by the band of clone brothers who seem to be just about everywhere. From there he accidentally stumbles onto the discovery that frogs rule, quite literally.

And why is he in the mess? Because of a painting, a lock of hair and a centuries-old love story of course!

After being forced to not only question his identity, species and his very existence David finds himself resigned to kissing 6000 frogs.

Holt is an imaginative, unique writer whose baffling logic scarily makes more sense than it ought. As long as you don’t try to think it through for too long, otherwise you’ll get a headache.

If you enjoyed ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ (and if you haven’t read it you should) you’ll enjoy Tom Holt’s style of twisted humour. Definitely a book which causes a dazed far-out smile to appear on your face every time you think of it or and try to unravel the riddle of the plot, its laugh-out-loud humour stays with you.



4 thoughts on “Did you know Frogs rule the universe?

  1. Refer to my comments on the prior post for this post.
    You are a great writer. I could envision you writing books one day! I know how smart you are, and so do you.

    Would your Prof accept this? Would you turn this in as a college paper?

    The above post only shows 10% of your capable writing skills You know that, and I know that for a fact. You have written more passionate comments on my blog.

    Write as if it were a college term paper, with passion.

    Feel free to delete this comment – I will not be offended at all.


    • The fact that you think I’ll be a good enough writer in the future to write a book is inspirational 😀
      10% That’s a bit disappointing, but accurate I suppose as I re-read this post. My previous sociological-type posts have actually been partly taken from old essays I submitted at school/uni so it’s a subject I’m comfortable with. Posting about books however, is new and although I did do English at A level I’m still finding the right style to approach book reviewing. I find it hard not to give to much away, and Tom Holt’s books are…strange to say the least 🙂
      Thank you for the encouragement, I’ll be glad of any other advice and I promise not to be offended.

  2. Good review. I always like when a book is compared to another, more well known book, as it gives me a sense of the tone and reading experience. Well done!

Thank you for your comment. I shall endeavour to visit and comment on your blog :D

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