The Automatic ‘Like’

The ‘like’ button has been the subject of many posts, quite a few making Freshly Pressed. I’m not even going to attempt to match these fantastic , often humorous, examples of blog-writing but I thought I’d put in my two-pennies worth.

Yes, I have ‘liked’ posts without clicking on them. But this is because it was a short quote or just the one photo and there were no more words to the post than what you can see anyway. Even if there are only 10 more words or so, I click on it. Those 10 words might change the entire post (though unlikely). It’s common courtesy.

Is there an option somewhere that makes you ‘like’ every single post automatically without you even having to be logged in?

When I’m browsing posts through topics which ever ones I read and ‘liked’ this person, who I won’t name and shame, was always there before me. At first I just thought they enjoyed the same topics as me, but they never commented.

They now like every one of my posts within two seconds of me publishing. You can’t possibly have read it! You don’t even click on it!

Although this makes me look good as it increases my ‘likes’ on each page, it doesn’t make me happy. I want people to actually read my writing, not just use my blog as a passage way to increase their own popularity.

I did eventually click on the link to this ‘liker’s’ blog page and thought about telling them off, but I chickened out so I’m posting this instead (although they probably won’t read it, but they may ‘like’ it).

I think they should scrap the ‘like’ option that’s on the top right corner of each post on your reading list or topic list so at least people are forced to click onto them. Maybe this will encourage people to read more and you never know, they may enjoy their blogging experience more if they interact.

Just a few (better) posts on the limitations of ‘like’

As for my lovely regular commentors, you are very much appreciated, your insightful comments are the reason I blog and I am very grateful for the links you send (I do check each and every one 🙂 )

Just remember:

Read what you like, and like what you read.


33 thoughts on “The Automatic ‘Like’

  1. I think I know who you mean and I was wondering the same thing. Anyway… that was said quite nicely – very polite. I keep learning from posts like these (as I tend to be more direct… or less polite).

  2. i experience the automatic like on facebook.. hahaha. i dont know if they really understood what i felt or not.. haha. anyway.. this is a nice reminder for everyone, specially for those new bloggers (like me).. interacting to other people is makes me happy.. :)) ❤

  3. Liked this post a lot! I really enjoy reading a lot of the blogs because I have a lot of time on my hands during the day when I’m working in the shop and sometimes I think I much prefer reading to writing or is it just because I’m procrastinating?

  4. As I read this I couldn’t help thinking what a great post. I really ‘like’ how she addresses this issue but now I’m thinking twice about hitting the Like button…oh what the heck!

  5. It seems weird that people would automatically hit “like,” but I keep reading that it happens. Personal comments and interactions with other is definitely the intent of blogging. I don’t mind random “likes” but I skip over them to read the comments. THAT’s what it’s all about for me.

  6. Hey,
    I know what you’re talking about. I experienced that a few times. It’s really annoying when you just started blogging. I mean, you’re totally happy because someone likes your post and actually those people are only interested in increasing their site traffic. I always like to know what people think about their reading. As you said “conversation is what blogging is all about”.

    • In a way it’s counterproductive to like so many posts without reading because you get noticed and people write you off and don’t visit/like/comment on anything on your site.
      Thanks for the comment 😀

  7. I’m with many good writers have broached the subject well and from so many different perspectives…I ‘like’ yours especially though…it made sense lol

  8. I strongly dislike (ahem) the like button on FB and I suppose I would apply the same thinking here too – it’s the lazy person’s way of interacting without interacting at all.

    However, FB is supposed to be about friendship and conversation, so the use of the “like” button grates on me more there. If you “like” my photo or status or link, tell me why. You are my FRIEND. On blogs, it’s less troubling for me. Sometimes a blog post just says it all and comment is not required.

    See, I have contradicted myself there, really, but you get the drift.

    • FB is different though, you have so many ‘friends’ who you hardly speak to – or at least I do as I never delete people after we’ve lost touch. So I’m more bothered in blogging.
      I know some blog posts are hard to respond to, it’s just when you know they haven’t read it.
      I contradict myself all the time ;D

  9. @mystudentstruggles – Look at all of these comments. It is wonderful how much your readership has grown in such a short amount of time. Now, I do not feel so guilty for my opinions when you first began this site.
    What a wonderful topic? Very well written. I agree. I do not like the “like” button. On the reader, people are able to click like on every single post and never read anything. I think it would make people have to comment more often and actually read.
    Isn’t that the entire point of blogging?

    I do know the person you are writing about. He likes every one of my posts very quickly. I believe it is a spammer.

    How about if we all send a message to and ask them to remove the like button?


  10. Struggles, I have wrote about this on one or two similar posts from different blogs. I love when someone genuinely likes my post but i really do prefer comments. Why? Simply because when you like I don’t know if you like all, some quote or maybe just a line. Comments more tell me what you’re thinking but as I said liking is also a good motivator. Sometimes I get likes before i even get to share my post on twitter and that’s really fast

    • If people used the ‘like’ button properly it wouldn’t be a problem. It’s just distinguishing between those who really like what you write and those you just use it to promote themselves 🙂

  11. Great post! It seems that some people are still hung up on Quantity versus Quality to further their own agenda. I feel sorry for them and wish for them the realization that authenticity wins over manipulation every time at the end of our own human journeys.

  12. mystudentstruggles,
    As a new blogger I know about automatic likes but not seriously. You liked my freshly pressed post so I’m checking you out and I like, but I can’t like & comment, can I? …. just saying

    • Why can’t you like and comment?
      And FYI I wouldn’t post this and then not read a post I like. The thing with FP is that everyone’s already said what I think and I don’t like copying someone else’s thoughts even if they match mine 😀 thanks for stopping by

  13. Yeah, the likes don’t really mean much I guess, but they sometimes do get me connected to other blogs which are great to read and after leaving comments I will see if that person is really interested in my writing.

Thank you for your comment. I shall endeavour to visit and comment on your blog :D

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