How to Survive University

Great advice. University should be a time to enjoy yourself, not to get stressed and and depressed.


5 thoughts on “How to Survive University

  1. Read the article – loved it. The portion on Smartphones was spot on. A Smartphone is essential for college (in my opinon) I recommend the iphone, above any other phone with AT&T. AT&T allows me to make my own personal hot spot with the phone (only provider that does this). I can turn on “personal hot spot” on my iphone and my friends can connect to it, and it becomes a wi-fi hot spot, like at McDonald’s. Love it!!! I use the iPhone as my laptop, it loads faster. I blog from it too with the WordPress app.

    Timethief’s article was well written and informative.


    • I’ve not heard of AT&T, is it like 4G? I don’t have an i phone but sometimes wish I did, the wordpress app doesn’t work properly on my i pod ‘cos it’s too old.
      Timethief is a great blogger 😀

      • The iPhone with 3G is actually faster than Verizon with 4G, I had the salesman show me both phones and the load time on the iPhone blew Verizon phones out of the water.

        Reason: Apple’s software runs smoothly, it doesn’t run crappy like Windows software. The iPhone 5 comes out next week, and it is cheap with the AT&T contract. Love the iPhone, all of my friends who had the Razr, switched to the iPhone after using mine with 3G, even though they had 4G. The software is just lightening fast.

        My iPhone runs faster than my laptop.


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