The Friendly Games: Catching Olympic Fever

Today I felt a bit lost. No olympics. It’s only been on for what, two weeks? Yet it seems as though it’s been on forever and now its all over it feels like nothing will be the same again. I’m ashamed to say but I caught the olympic bug and now I’ve got post-olympic blues.

At first, the olympic games didn’t bother me, in fact I couldn’t wait until they were over. I saw the arrival of the olympic flame and wondered what the big fuss about, and then the journey of the flame seemed to go on forever. And what with the over-commercialised nature of the games, missiles on the apartment roof and the anxiety concerning security it didn’t appear as though it would be a successful games and that made me quite nervous.

By the time of the opening ceremony I only really watched it so I wasn’t missing anything the rest of the world were paying attention to. Even after that I didn’t think I’d be watching a lot of the actual sport. Monday morning came and seeing as nothing else was on TV I put the olympics on. For the next two weeks it was practically all I watched.

London 2012 has been called the ‘friendly games’ and from what I’ve seen that’s the truth, its made me proud to be British. Of course the media are only going to show the good bits and not broadcast any hiccups in the organisation or events, but don’t kill my thunder just yet. 🙂

Why should the community feeling only going to last for two weeks? Perhaps it’s my naivety but watching the closing ceremony shows how the world would be if we accepted our differences and celebrated them. It’s almost as if everything else was more or less forgotten for two weeks. (Not always a good thing as the earth doesn’t stop but does give an insight into what can happen when everyone gets along, cheers each other on and enjoys being together). Honestly, I’ll miss the olympics and the smiles of absolute joy on the faces of the gold medalists.

Anyway, I now know what the papers say about the opening ceremony, the closing ceremony and the olympics in general but what do you all think? Opening or closing ceremony – Atkinson or Idle? Most importantly, was it a success?


15 thoughts on “The Friendly Games: Catching Olympic Fever

    • That’s a hard one, I like Laura Trott (even though I didn’t see all of her races) and I quite enjoy watching gymnastics (god those men have muscles 😉 ), also the tennis was good to watch. And the rowing. And (embarrasingly) the synchronised swimming.
      I get bored if I watch one sport for too long so I switched between them quite a bit but the all-round gymnastics held my attention for the longest – so perhaps that? Do I have to choose? 😀

      • No you don’t, sounds like it was all quite amazing for you too. The long distance events always inspire me like the triathletes, the mental strength needed is immense. Looking forward to the para games now.

  1. @mystudentstruggles – going to be a bit bossy here, please do not get offended.

    You had an original idea regarding the comment you just left me, about how WordPress could be improved. It is a wonderful idea.

    Suggestion: Wrtie a post on the subject, incude a link to the forums in the ideas section.

    This is your idea, I have not seen any articles on the subject. Many bloggers would most likely comment. You have the ability to list the reasons and why. Feel free to include my examples in the forums section. That is not copying, as it is your original idea.


    I cannot write such things, I have many long posts drafting right now regarding history and others – no time.

    • I can’t get offended at you being bossy, my family often tell me I’m too bossy 😀
      I’ll start writing one tomorrow if you have any other ideas of what to include that would be most appreciated 🙂

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