For Those Private Messages

Yesterday a fellow blogger, LizEccentric, suggested I write a post geared towards improving the WordPress site after I commented on her post suggesting WordPress should introduce a private messaging service.

Sometimes you might want to correct a bloggers’ spelling or grammar (wouldn’t it be ironic if I made a mistake here),  or perhaps you have a few suggestions on their writing style or an idea of what to add to a post and you may decide not to inform them because of the public nature of comments. This is where private messaging would come in handy since not all bloggers display their email address or appreciate it being used for that purpose. I for one like to keep my private email address separate, this can be for security reasons or maybe you don’t check your email often enough or you may only have a work email in which case you don’t want your inbox cluttered with WordPress or other related suggestions.

Private messaging would only be available to those with a WordPress blog and hopefully there would be some technical way of preventing spam – spammers don’t usually have WordPress accounts do they? Anyway, I have no idea how it would work exactly but surely it can be done if other sites have similar things.

LizEccentric started a forum for this issue, if you click on this link you can add your comments/support.

What do you all think? Do you have any other recommendations for WordPress to improve the blogging experience?


30 thoughts on “For Those Private Messages

  1. I agree with you because some people that read your blogs would love a more in depth look at a particular topic but you don’t want to go back and forth in a comment section. My personal email and my blog email are two different accounts so I don’t worry about that. I actually was thinking of having my followers or commenter add me to some sort of instant messaging service so we can chat, bounce ideas and the like

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  3. Mystudentstruggles came up with this idea – the thought had never occurred to me. I do not accept any credit for this article as it was entirely her thought and a great idea. Love it.

  4. WP admin looks at the forums (I think). I see comments from WP admin on that forum all the time. They may take notice if enough people like the idea for private messaging. 🙂

  5. Changed my mind – I have to agree with the other bloggers on this one. I do not like the reblog function anymore. It feels way too much like copying to me. Deciding not to use the function on Eccentric.

  6. If you get a sec…since I am not from England, could you see if i made any cultural faux pas in my current post, as sometiimes I do not know such things that may offend readers from England.

    Do you see anything that offends you or may offend anyone else in Enlgand? It is fairly controversial, and bloody and gory.

    Please delete this 🙂 doesn’t go with this post.

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