Weekly Writing Challenge: Life as a Laptop

I’d never really heard of, and certainly not thought about Active Voice vs. Passive Voice before, I may have altered sentences before to change the emphasis but never consciously though ‘this should be active’. I suppose some of my older readers will be grumbling ‘what do they teach them in schools nowadays!’ I have to say, I agree. I did English at A level and this distinction was never mentioned, maybe a creative writing element should be added to the course?

Anyway, this weeks challenge was to ‘listen to the voices in you head’. To see the full challenge click here. I would appreciate your opinions as this diverges from my usual writing style, thank you.

Life as a Laptop

I have sat here, on the floor under the sofa, quiet and comfortable all day. It has been peaceful, no disturbances or interruptions from careless two-legged beings. Occasionally one of these inhabitants of the room where I lay folds themselves into a chair and stares dreary-eyed at a fellow screen. I know at some point my services will be called upon and I will be required to reach out into the cloud and drag relevant images and words to my screen.

Sure enough, I am picked up and placed on a denim-clad lap, my cable starts gently vibrating as sparks of electricity forces me out ofย a thoughtful slumber. Uncaring fingers prod soundly on my keys before my prized ‘Enter’ button is slammed ungraciously. I can feel the tics and twinges of my circuitry being unwound and the laps’ owner sighs and settles back anticipating a couple of hours of stress-free internet browsing.

For some reason, I find this to be irritating. Grumpily I decide not today mate!

I allow the home screen to load, complete with a photo of the four-legged fluffy thing which sniffs and bats at my wires once in a while. I then cunningly lull the stubby, ungrateful fingers into a false sense of security as the Google home page pops up. A few minutes of browsing pointless you-tube videos, I feel a sense of glee and anticipation as the page stutters and declares: “Windows is not responding”.

Ha-ha got you! What you gonna do now punk? Damn those videos.

A swear word is uttered from up above and as the page freezes I am turned off.

And on again.

I sigh, so predictable. A couple more of these instances and I will be allowed to recover back in my place on the floor. Maybe I’ll read a book, Austen or Brontรซ perhaps. My English needs rejuvenating after being forced to view bad gangster scenes by the inferior object whose lap I warm.


10 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: Life as a Laptop

  1. You asked… I think the subject was good, the story OK with a decent twist, and although the language/voice seems appropriate it felt a bit like a shirt that is just a tad too tight – wearable but somehow uncomfortable.

  2. I grew bored quickly – perhaps an exciting first sentence or paragraph to draw readers in…..I like your normal writing style better. It seems more down to earth. This felt like I was reading an assignment in a school book. I don’t care what they say about active or passive, blah blah (boring).

    I love your usual writing better. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Were you bored because of the challenge explanation beforehand? I did wonder if I should’ve left that out.
      It’s funny how it’s ok to write sociology-based posts how you would an assignment but not anything else.

      • Well, I guess it’s odd in the blogging world because I really enjoy blogs that have spelling errors or grammatical errors, as long as the topic is interesting if it is a personal story, or funny like Bossymoksie, think they are fun to read. I do have problems reading long essays or reports, even my own that I write. Have no idea why anyone would read some of my long boring reports I have written on this blog. However, the traffic for my reports doesn’t come from WordPress…it comes from Google. Everytime I write a report, get a ton of traffic from Google…I actually had a prof at a college write to me and tell me he was using some of my reports/essays for his college class on a presentation. I was shocked.
        Reports and essays do have a place on your blog, for Google and Bing traffic, especially if you use a copyright free image from Google Images, then Google sends a boatload of traffic to the report. My Vlad, the impaler report has gotten a lot of traffic from Google, guess because the images were from Wiki. Wiki images also send a ton of traffic….don’t know why. Then, my followers don’t really like the reports, so try to do a mixture of information, “how to,” essays, reports, reviews, humor, etc. Although, I can NEVER do a humor post without offending people…it’s odd. The things I find funny are usually really offensive…but I figure hey, my blog, not blogging for stats or comments right? ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. I really enjoyed reading this! It made me chuckle as I looked down on my own computer, thinking that it might have a mind of it own. From now on I’m calling him Herbert! ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you for your comment. I shall endeavour to visit and comment on your blog :D

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