The Naked Prince

Prince Harry was photographed (naked) in a Las Vegas hotel room playing strip billiards. If you live in Britain you would’ve heard this story several times over and are frankly sick of it but I wanted to know what the big fuss was all about.

Now, who honestly thought the 27 year old was a virgin? Why can’t he join in the Las Vegas spirit and relax? Why are you so angry at the poor bloke?

Not only is everyone mad at the Prince for allowing himself to be exposed in such a manner but I’ve heard very few reports addressing the security.

Personally, I believe the poor guy should be allowed his privacy. And as for embarrassing the royal family I think in some areas of the UK and probably around the world he’s increased his ‘street cred’ and gained more respect. This behaviour surely shows he’s no different to anybody else. Using this logic, his privacy should be the same as everybody else’s, if semi-naked pictures were printed of a regular citizen they could sue and everyone would be in an outrage over the issue.

Saying this, the Sun found that after they printed the pictures with the excuse ‘everyone’s seen them anyway’ 3600 complaints were filed to the Press Complaints Commission from the public who thought the Prince had a right to a private life.

I read today that a few soldiers in the Army and their wives/girlfriends have photographed themselves naked or semi-naked in support for Prince Harry and posted pictures to a facebook group site. The group ‘Support Prince Harry With A Naked Salute’ has over 13,000 members and rising – a great idea though I don’t think I’ve got the confidence J

Prince Harry’s first public appearance after the scandal is tonight at the Paralympic opening ceremony and I don’t think he’s got anything to be ashamed of and can go out there with his head held high knowing he’s not the one in the wrong. Do you agree?


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13 thoughts on “The Naked Prince

  1. [ Smiles ] Although some may perceive the Prince’s behaviour as being somewhat reckless, the choice is up to him to strip naked if he wants to. It’s called, “Free will.”

    • It’s his free will to strip but he should be given the security that he can do this without public scandal and media attention. I wouldn’t want to have all of my moves watched and analysed, I don’t envy him at all. 🙂

  2. I think the Prince should absolutely have the same right to privacy as private citizens. Whoever leaked the photos was the person who did something wrong; not the Prince.

    As to whether he has anything to be embarrassed about — I don’t know. I haven’t seen the photos. (wink, wink)

  3. I agree with all you wrote.

    However, there is a niggle at the back of my mind.

    I don’t agree that anyone should have the privileges that members of the Royal Family have. The ‘rest’ of us have to work hard to pay the mortgage, put bread on the table, etc.

    Therein ‘lies the rub’. With privilege comes responsibility. Life is like a pair of scales – everything has to be in balance. Privilege = Responsibility.

    In Harry’s case, his privilieges are provided by the ‘Great British Public’ and as such he must shoulder his responsibilities and not upset them. In his position, he is no ‘ordinary bloke’; that’s his lot in life. Like it or lump it – we can’t access the things he can and he can’t access the things we have i.e. the anonymity of being able to be photographed naked at pool parties.

    As the saying goes – ‘It’s tough at the top!’

    • He does have responsibilities and apart from a couple of issues when he was a bit younger I think he carries them out pretty well. He does work hard but you’re right that he doesn’t have the same worries us ‘commoners’ have. But still, it’s not like he was doing it on purpose or publically.

  4. Far as I know (originally), the royal family is supposed to (even if they don’t always) set the example for the entire country. It is their duty to live lives that are examplary and above reproach. But they, as any citizen, have the right to privacy (private matters) – as differentiated from secrecy (public matters).

  5. Prince should have his privacy and how awful for him. That’s a horrible thing to happen to a young man, nonetheless a prince. Hope he holds his head high – agree with you.

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