Dear Mum and Dad

  • No matter how many times you ask my room will remain messy; clean but messy. I need half of my things to be in my house at uni for there to be adequate storage space overall.
  • If I appear in the kitchen earlier than usual I do not appreciate the “who’s this!?” exclaimed with a dramatic stare at the time. In fact this reaction encourages me to stay in bed for a little longer if I can’t be bothered to deal with the sarcasm.
  • Don’t mess with my hair; it annoyed me when I was 10 it will annoy me when I’m 100. (Although you may be wearing me down on this issue – slightly)
  • If I’m on the laptop when you come home it does not mean I have been on it all day (same goes for sitting in the same chair or watching TV)
  • If you look over my shoulder I will hide what I’m doing, if you ask nicely I will show you – manners people!
  • If I go to bed early I might not be ill or tired – I just can’t be bothered to watch more rubbish on the TV
  • Every time you ask me how I’m feeling the answer will be ‘fine’ – just back off and I will inform you if I feel ill
  • I happen to enjoy nice, gentle murders like ‘Murder, She Wrote’ – I don’t care if they’re sponsored by denature accessories or support chairs for the elderly
  • Just because I’m 19 doesn’t mean I want to stop bouncing on the trampoline or messing around in a paddling pool or watching kids Disney films
  • Just because I’m not up when you leave the house doesn’t mean I’ve been in bed all day, more often than not I get up 10 minutes after you’ve left (refer to point 2)
  • Yes, I buy lots of shoes, but at a fraction of the cost of Mums’ (same goes for clothes)
  • There is a reason I don’t like catching the bus – it’s always late and there are too few (one an hour) to warrant a quick trip to the pharmacy, I’d be standing around all day waiting to come home
  • The Wii fit does count as exercise!
  • Stop getting stressed and snappy when I offer to help but then start complaining that no one helps around the house (yes Mum, this is aimed at you πŸ™‚ )
  • Updating a new blog post does count as an accomplishment, it is not ‘nothing’
  • Ok, so I come downstairs and straight away its moan, moan, moan, I don’t care if it’s half in jest. I was in a good mood until I got downstairs, now I’m annoyed, made worse because I’m annoyed that I’m annoyed. I prefer a nice quiet kitchen when making breakfast (point 10), at least let me wake up before counting the number of my shoes by the door or the number of napkins in the sitting room. A simple old-fashioned “good morning” will do.

Dear Mum and Dad, I love you very much but I can’t wait for uni to start-up again.

Anybody else have any ‘Dear Mum and Dad’ messages? Let it all out πŸ˜€


18 thoughts on “Dear Mum and Dad

  1. This was quite hilarious but true and I can remember all of that like yesterday. Mom’s not here anymore but those were the times. We had snakes and ladders and the original nintendo though, not the Wii lol

  2. I absolutely LOVE this!! I can relate on so many levels – I am the daughter sending the message to parents but I’m also the parent of young children so I see that side as well! And then to top it all off I also attend university πŸ™‚ Thanks for this!

  3. Yes! I always get up ten minutes after my mum leaves the house – she thinks I sleep in too late but the truth is, parents in the morning are really hard to handle, they can’t help it; they’re parents.
    All great points and I can see this was in a light hearted tone, so I’m sorry you got in some trouble. Parents, we love you, we promise. But you can do some annoying things every now and then!

  4. When i first lived away from home my parents came around me one day to visit – about 11am. I was still in bed due to burning the candles at both ends – but I did not want my parents to know that I slept in to this time nearly everyday. Unfortunately my mum asked the landlady – and said landlady gave them a full run down on my sleeping half the day, coming in at all hours and a multitude of other sins. I thought the landlady was very out of line, as I paid rent and all that and really it was none of her business. Yet, I guess my mother was not somebody to be fooled with – my poor old father just hung along as usual. Sadly, my mum hasnt been around for a few years…………having passed away. Your post was very humorous – but I think you are getting away with murder (joke)…… would not have survived my mum……..

    • Oh I don’t know. It’s the little things that get to you, I’m also anxious to move on but struggling because of my illness. I know that once I get to uni and have been there for a few weeks it’d be nice to come home again πŸ˜€

  5. I loved this, I find that when I’m back from uni certain things annoy me more as no one has done them all year (bugging me to eat- no I’m not anorexic or anything I just don’t eat much and often eat out so they don’t really see me eating very often), and other things annoy me less as I’ve had time to be away from them (my dad has a tendency to repeat things A LOT)!

      • They do enjoy fussing.
        At least she’s repeating what someone’s said, my dad feels the need to repeat things he’s said…for example
        “We’re watching a film, film time, fiiiiiillm, film’s coming on.”
        “Yes dad, I heard and understood the first time.”

      • They do love to fuss!
        At least your mum repeats things others have said, my dad seems to feel the need to obsessively repeat what he says: “Film, we’re watching a film, I’m going to put the film on, fiiilllmm, film,the film’s going on, we’re watching a film!”
        Argg! I understood you the first time!!

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