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9/11 – a date which will never be forgotten. The day the world stopped and watched in horror.

Posts to read, sit quietly, think and remember.









Personally I can’t say much about this date as I was only eight or nine but one thing I do remember was in the classroom at school perhaps a few days after the event. We were doing an activity which involved writing answers on white boards and holding them up. As usual we got a bit bored with what the teacher asked and began drawing silly things, smiley faces etc. Of course we all got moaned at, until our teacher noticed one particular boy had drawn a picture of a tower with a plane flying into the side. At our age we weren’t overly aware of worldly events but in that moment the room froze. Even if we didn’t understand the whole issue the teacher’s face was enough to send the most hardened city kid running for the hills. Needless to say he was sent off to the headmistress for a right talking to and has probably never thought of 9/11 in the same way again. My memory is hazy but that one event remains clear despite my eight-year-old self not truly comprehending the seriousness of the matter.

More September 11 – http://en.search.wordpress.com/?q=september+11&s=date&t=post


5 thoughts on “[links] Posts of Remembrance

  1. I like your post because it is an amalgamation of a number of experiences of people living all over…people who faced the terror and the pain that followed. Thanks for sharing. I feel 9/11 transformed the world in a certain manner. I invite you to visit my blog and read my views on the same. It will be a pleasure!

    • Thank you, I’ve added your 9/11 post onto the list, it was very well written. I felt I should share other posts as I was too young to have such vivid experiences as most – especially as America seems along way from England when you’re eight 😀

Thank you for your comment. I shall endeavour to visit and comment on your blog :D

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