Just a little thought

Picture from Facebook perhaps? I can’t remember, I saved it a while ago. 😀

I’m as guilty as the next woman, I enjoy shopping for clothes and shoes and making an effort to look nice. But if there were less made-up girls in the world the rest of us would feel more comfortable in ourselves. When I dress up to go out I still do the bare minimum; a bit of makeup along with doing the best to make my curly, frizzy hair organise itself into ringlets (without the aid of curling tongues, and a lot of the time I let it dry naturally – I’m lazy). In front of my mirror I think I look quite pretty but sometimes you wonder if you should make more of an effort, just to keep up with the high maintenance women of the 21st century. Sure, dress up a bit and look nice but why should we feel the need to plaster on the foundation, wear fake eyelashes (something I’ve never done – I wouldn’t know where to start) and totter about in extremely high, lethal kitten heels? More girls should say “No thanks” and maybe more men would start to appreciate natural beauty rather than the fake version advertised my magazines, TV shows etc.

Saying this, men are targeted by the media more and more. In fact, I’m sure most guys in my classes make more of an effort and spend longer on their hair than I do. Commercialism and the consumer society has made us all victims of desire and appearance, how long will this go on before realisation hits the western world?


19 thoughts on “Just a little thought

  1. Great post! I personally don’t think it will ever end 😦
    The thing is, I think I’m quite similar in that I do not wear much make up (I am a bit of a mascara whore but that’s it) and I think I look pretty good- however, there’s always there perfect girls which are clearly absolutely caked and they’re the ones that are deemed to be attractive! Personally I think the minimal thing looks better…but what’s my voice against the voice of every magazine!

  2. The sad thing is that real men don’t really care for all that make up BS. Beauty is natural in my opinion. Wearing make up makes you look good (sometimes) but it can never replace natural beauty. I bet most men fantasize about those magazine women but in real life prefer natural beauty

  3. Yeah, and this guy wonders where all the un-made-up women are… ‘Course I’m older, but I can’t stand the way women look in the magazines.
    How long? IMO, it’s already been too long – and it seems we’re still headed in that direction, although I’m happy to say that signs of “life” are appearing all around… sort of like when you see the grass start coming up in the concrete cracks.

  4. I don’t feel guilty about wearing makeup. I don’t wear gobs of it, but Wearing makeup is not a new phenomena. The Egyptians wore makeup. So did the Persians. Face painting goes waaaay back, it’s very primitive, which leads me to believe it serves a purpose, somehow, and helps us to survive, perhaps by a sort of subtle and subconscious communication. If you really look at people’s makeup, it often says something about them … and their life. It’s telling in a very subtle way.

    • It probably does, it sounds an interesting area to research. I wear a little but I think we’ve started going OTT, then again I think it was Elizabethans who painted their faces white as it showed they were of high status as they didn’t have to do manual work outside. Now it’s the opposite 🙂

      • Yeah, it would definitely be interesting to research. I think it changes with the cultural climate too. And subcultures seem to have their own aesthetic for makeup and grooming and sometimes even other forms of body art. My husband is an old punk rocker–he was doing it in the early 80’s–and he tells me the funniest stories of how he’d keep his mohawk up with egg whites and sugar water. He also wore makeup and so did the guys in his band. I have a few photos of him and they are hilarious!

  5. Have to agree, I used to wear tons of makeup, now only use it barely, think I like the natural look better since I have found a new light foundation, you are correct that I feel more comfortable now, natural beauty as you stated is always a good way to go, when going out.
    Men are visual creatures, that’s for sure!

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