On Gay Marriage

Currently in the UK the big debate is over gay couples getting married in religious institutions. Earlier this winter the proposal for women bishops was defeated by a measly six votes so it would be nice for the church and other religions to catch up with the modern world and support equality and tolerance.

One argument against gay marriage is that historically marriage was between heterosexual couples. This argument is invalid.

  • Historically women couldn’t vote
  • Historically men under 30 couldn’t vote
  • Historically British people had to pay for healthcare
  • Historically you had to come from a wealthy, respectable, well-bred family to get anywhere in life (although it could be said this still holds true)

It doesn’t mean it’s right or should remain the same.

Gay marriage will not undermine the traditional institution, in fact it might strengthen it. The divorce rate is steadily increasing, single parent families are becoming more common so why shouldn’t two men or two women marry and raise a family? Surely that is both more stable and beneficial for the children than a heterosexual married couple who argue all the time.

Why can’t someone choose to be both gay and Christian? Or lesbian and Hindi? and be faithful to their religion by marrying in the eyes of the church/temple etc? I don’t claim to be an expert on the Bible but surely they advocate tolerance and equality? That seems to be the moral thing to do. It’s time to enter the modern world and start creating   harmony instead rifts.


6 thoughts on “On Gay Marriage

  1. I disagree with you here but it doesn’t mean you don’t have some good points historically. Gay marriage does undermine the traditional institution coupled with the fact that a person can’t be Christian and gay because Christianity does not condone anything gay. Secondly, can we really assume that allowing gay marriage will improve the divorce rate (when gay relationships are seen as the most abusive and jealous relationships nowadays). All religions express equality but some will always be more equal than others. Where there is order, someone or something must be greater just like nature itself. If you choose to be gay that’s your choice and right but you can’t expect a religion to accept it wilfully because lawmakers did

    • You can’t say for certain that Christianity doesn’t condone gay relationships, it is one reading of the Bible. The Bible is essentially vague and can be interpreted in so many ways, hence the various strands of Christianity.
      Gay relationships the most abusive? Hadn’t heard that before but if you can reveal the research/source I’ll read it.
      Also, I didn’t really mean to imply that the divorce rate would improve. It stands to reason that the more marriages there are the more divorces they’ll be. But I’d rather a homosexual couple married and stayed together for life than a heterosexual couple marry and divorce after two years.

      • well i figure a man not lying with a man has no grey area but ok. I don’t really deal with stats but you can see what happens on the streets. I’m making that assessment based on me and my peers observations. A lot of things go undocumented so stats in these kind of things are largely inaccurate

        Are you stating that the ultimate goal is to preserve the divorce rate as oppose to living a “moral” life? I agree that I rather married couples stay together but I won’t use your analogy on it. All I’m saying is that it has no religious support but else wise it can be supported

  2. I’m actually shocked that gay marriage is an issue in the UK, though not the same way it is in the US. And religions should catch up with today’s times and support equality in issues like this.

  3. As a Christian, yes, religion preaches tolerance. In fact, it preaches more than tolerance; it preaches loving people till it hurts i.e. turn the other cheek. But Christianity is one of those ‘take it or leave it’ religions. It has a LOT of things that is the opposite of what the world preaches today as you might know e.g. homosexuality is a sin, so is sleeping with someone before marriage and things like that that are considered outdated in today’s world. (Although not allowing women to be bishop’s is just stupid and I think the Church of England doesn’t necessarily follow the word of the God to the T. They prefer to follow tradition and the law when it suits them but that is another story.)

    Do I think homosexuality is a sin? Yes. But so is so many things I do. That is the ESSENCE of Christianity. We’re all sinners and need Jesus. So just as I will TRY not to do something so as not to sin (emphasis on TRY for we all fall sometimes) because I am a Christian, so will I not want others’ lifestyle invading mine. The church has RULES and I try to follow them so why does the law want to change the rules of the Bible which I hold as my life? I’ve heard of gay people (MPs) even who say they don’t even want gay marriage. And civil partnership gives them the same rights. People complain when Christians try to ‘force religion upon them’, so why are they forcing their own beliefs on us using the law?

    I think it is not fair and the ‘women didn’t have the vote’ argument does not work because I could also use that argument and say, ‘Society is outdated. Inthe old days, it was forbidden to get into polygamous relationships. But people have changed, we want polygamy. So make it legal!’

    You have your opinion and I have mine but I don’t understand why the gay community and the government is forcing its BELIEFS and ideas upon mine. Where is my right?

Thank you for your comment. I shall endeavour to visit and comment on your blog :D

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