‘Big up’ the NHS

There’s yet more discussion in the news today which downgrades the NHS and exaggerates its failures. NHS hospitals have been assessed as ‘bad places’ for the old and frail. However, the problem is not with the NHS, as Mike Farrar notes the issue lies with the community care provision and budgets. If 30% of patients in hospital don’t need to be there then take the pressure off the NHS by addressing the apparent lack of community health care. Hospitals aren’t ‘bad places’, they are unfortunately necessary places for many.

Another issue I have with attacks on NHS hospitals is the fatal generalisation after every media-hyped scandal. Obviously tragedies have occurred but no system is without fault and often it is the work of an individual not an entire hospital. Even the good hospitals get called up on for patients being ignored by nurses or nurses/health workers lacking understanding and snapping irritably at anyone who approaches.Image

I was in hospital for a week in November 2011 and since then I have been in and out for blood tests, Drs appointments and infusions on a day-care ward. Ergo, I can honestly state that the vast majority of doctors and nurses truly care. They’re reassuring, apologetic when you’re left waiting but most of all they are understanding, friendly and cheerful.

The thing is we are all lucky here in the UK. Other countries don’t enjoy the same quality of care and lots have to pay exuberant fees. So I say for once lets big-up the NHS! 😀


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