Dulled: No need for change

Firstly, I would like to say thank you to those who participated in the poll posted last week. And if you haven’t, then I would be very appreciative if you would take a couple of moments to fill it in.

Anyway, to get back into blogging I thought I would start with the daily prompt: dulled. http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/05/20/daily-prompt-dulled/

The drinking of the potion does remind me of Alice in Wonderland, don’t know if that was the intention. My second thought was Harry Potter.

If someone asked me which of the senses I would prefer to be sharpened, at the cost of the others my immediate response would be that I would prefer to have 20/20 vision and no need for glasses. This would certainly make wearing sunglasses easier and cheaper, at the moment I have to choose between my fashion sunglasses which means I can’t see properly or my less attractive prescription glasses. However, repairing sight seems to be a common wish and if I’m honest I don’t mind wearing glasses, after 12 years you get used to it and I think I look weird without them now.

After some thought, intensifying taste would probably be the most enjoyable due to a love of baking and thus eating. Although, this is ignoring the fact that smell and taste go hand in hand and if smell is dulled then taste will also be affected. Then again, would a sharper taste mean you couldn’t eat stronger foods as it would just be too much?

Maybe I’m just happy as I am – no need for change. A good motto for many people methinks.


6 thoughts on “Dulled: No need for change

  1. Interesting question. I, too, think I would sharpen my eyesight, though I’m fine with wearing glasses. Or I might like to improve my hearing since I actually have a 40% hearing loss. Then again, I feel like I hear enough. Heigtened sense of taste? Maybe, maybe. I’m very tactile, too, and love to feel things. But maybe too much of a good thing??

    I definitely would NOT heighten my sense of smell. That’s the only one I’m sure of.

    • Sometimes I think you just get used to how you are that it’s hard to imagine what better sight or hearing feels like. I suppose some people view poor eyesight as a disability but, unless it’s near-blindness, I don’t see it as an impairment. Especially as glasses are becoming a fashion accessory

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