Dulled: No need for change

Firstly, I would like to say thank you to those who participated in the poll posted last week. And if you haven’t, then I would be very appreciative if you would take a couple of moments to fill it in.

Anyway, to get back into blogging I thought I would start with the daily prompt: dulled. http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/05/20/daily-prompt-dulled/

The drinking of the potion does remind me of Alice in Wonderland, don’t know if that was the intention. My second thought was Harry Potter.

If someone asked me which of the senses I would prefer to be sharpened, at the cost of the others my immediate response would be that I would prefer to have 20/20 vision and no need for glasses. This would certainly make wearing sunglasses easier and cheaper, at the moment I have to choose between my fashion sunglasses which means I can’t see properly or my less attractive prescription glasses. However, repairing sight seems to be a common wish and if I’m honest I don’t mind wearing glasses, after 12 years you get used to it and I think I look weird without them now.

After some thought, intensifying taste would probably be the most enjoyable due to a love of baking and thus eating. Although, this is ignoring the fact that smell and taste go hand in hand and if smell is dulled then taste will also be affected. Then again, would a sharper taste mean you couldn’t eat stronger foods as it would just be too much?

Maybe I’m just happy as I am – no need for change. A good motto for many people methinks.



Snow, Snow, Snow

I love the snow, my heart leaps as soon as a speck of white is spotted in the distance. I wish for it to settle, turn the place into a winter wonderland.

Blacksmiths Lane Dog Walkers Flower Holly LaneSnow close up

In fact, I love winter as a whole. I suppose the miserable wet days are no fun, but you do get those all year round. As soon as the frost bites and hats, gloves and scarves come out I feel the need to make a hot chocolate (perhaps with a splash of Baileys in the evenings); drink soup; make steak pie followed by treacle sponge and custard. I want to buy jumpers, snuggle up in front of the fire on the sofa in a cardigan with a good book or film.

Snow TreesSnow
Unicorn Inn
Trees (2)Pots

Everyone hustles into the house and whacks the heating up so high you’d think it was mid-summer. No, I prefer to layer up the jumpers and wear my cosy slipper boots. Much more satisfying – especially with that bailey-spiked hot chocolate 😀

Red leafTrees


The photos where taken on a day where literally everything was white – ground, buildings, roofs, trees and sky – so some may not be as good as the could be despite my efforts in altering them on the computer 😀

Suffolk Pink

Just an interesting fact for you all. You might be aware that stereotypically Suffolk houses are painted pink, well if you weren’t you are now 😀 Traditionally this pink colour was achieved by mixing chalk with pigs blood. A bit disgusting I know, but thankfully nowadays they are probably painted with Dulux (other brands are available 🙂 ). Still, it’s nice the stories and traditions still live on.

Orford bakery, taken in Suffolk 2012

Orford bakery, Suffolk 2012

The Liebster Blog Award

So surprised (and immensely grateful) to be nominated for the Liebster Award 😀 Thank  you, thank you, thank you to the audacious amateur blogger for nominating me.


  • Answer the questions your nominator posed to her/his nominees
  • Pass the award on to others
  • Ask five questions for one’s nominees to answer

Simple right? Answer questions, ask questions, nominate. The thing is this award actually requires thinking and at the moment I have no idea what questions to ask. Let’s just see where the wind blows us shall we? Great, on with the show. 😀

Answer Questions:

  • Where in the world to you feel most “at home” and why?

Feeling ‘at home’? Trickier than it sounds really. I currently live ‘at home’ with my parents and little brother but am I too old now to consider this ‘home, home’? Of course it’ll always be home in a sense but it doesn’t provide the same comforts as it did five years ago. The thing with being 19, on the cusp of being a grown-up, is that little bells start ringing as if to say “you need independence!” whereas, at the same time, you’re desperately clinging onto the mothers apron strings. I have yet to move into this years house at uni so am unable to say whether I feel ‘at home’ there, although I do wonder whether you can feel at home in a place you’re only going to spend 8-9 months.

  • If you could have lunch with any author, dead or alive, who would it be and what would you order?

This is quite a tricky one, I think it would have to be Jane Austen for several reasons: one; she wrote Pride and Prejudice and two; it would be fascinating to experience luncheon as it was during her time. A typical British afternoon tea perhaps? Cucumber sandwiches and scones. Is that what they ate then? Of course, I’m assuming I could be the one to travel back in time and that she wouldn’t join me in the 21st century 😀

  • A place you have traveled to that MOST surprised you.

Paris. I think it was because it didn’t yell ‘city’ at you. At least, it was nothing like London which seems cramped. Paris is truly beautiful, I hate cities – too many people – but I could see myself living in Paris for a little while though I would probably have enough and come home after a couple of years.

  • What villainous character do you most admire and why?

Severus Snape. Ok, so I’m a bit of a Harry Potter nut. Professor Snape, the potions master, is such a complex character when you start to think about it. His entire life revolves around love, and yet he seems to be the least likely man (apart from Voldy) to even know what love is. Maybe these books left such a great impression because I was quite young when they were coming out and I was reading them, in a way I grew up with them throughout the majority of my school career (especially if you count waiting for the films as well). Anyway, at first you dislike him and his attitude towards little 11-year-old Harry, then you HATE the bloke for killing off Dumbledore and finally you feel guilty for all of this as all becomes clear after his death. Also, Alan Rickman plays a spectacular Snape 🙂 Although, since he is effectively cleared of all charges in the end, is he really a villain?

  • Item on your “bucket list” that you would be MOST upset if you didn’t accomplish.

I don’t have a bucket list but I would love to go to Venice  one day 🙂 Anybody been?

Ask questions:

  1. What is your favourite book? Which character do you identify with most and why?
  2. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
  3. Who is your hero/heroine?
  4. What would it take for you to make friends with an old enemy?
  5. What keeps you writing when that dreaded monster known as ‘writers block’ strikes?


MY nominations:

The Miracles of Toothbrush Writing

Every night I stand in front of the bathroom mirror brushing my teeth and for some inexplicable reason an array of blogging ideas come to me. It’s not that I mind new inspiration but couldn’t it happen when a notebook and pen are handy? Perhaps I should start keeping one in the bathroom.

This must happen as a symptom of my recently acquired blogging addiction. Does anybody else go to bed at night, close their eyes and see a little orange box in the top right hand corner? Am I the only one who gets inspiration at impromptu times?

Also, I am constantly checking the stats page wondering what people have been reading and whether I could write another post along similar lines. Personally the sociology and education articles are my favourite; though I have to be careful, I don’t want to be accused of plagiarising my own work when it comes to assignment submission 😀