Travel Theme: Foliage

After having spent the whole morning trying to establish an internet connection in the student pad and somehow managing it (don’t ask me to tell you how or do it again) I can answer a challenge set by ailsapm.

Lake district 2011


Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

Ok, so I’m not an urban girl. I avoid large masses of people and only venture into cities for specific reasons. When I do brave the crowds it’s not often I stop long enough to take photo, I want to go home as soon as possible. There are many people who will be thinking “What? Why?” but it’s an inherited trait.

Saying this, when I do go to the great cities of the world I pay attention. The first photo was taken in London three or four years ago when I went round parliament. The others were taken in Paris a couple of years ago, and although it’s not very patriotic, Paris is far nicer. Paris is such a beautiful city, although it’s obviously urban it seems cleaner and calmer, I don’t have many pictures of London so you’ve only got the one to compare the others with. Do you agree? Or do you prefer London?

This week’s challenge  stated urban photography demonstrates social and cultural aspects as well as the image itself. In these photos art, history, culture and architecture are represented and these are the elements I believe are at the centre of Parisian life. It’s what the French are proud of, what tourists (like me) come to see and are recognisable all over the world. I say forget London, go to Paris 😀

I loved how the light fell and was so lucky to capture it, this photo makes me feel quite nostalgic.

I’m not sure what the blur in the bottom left, maybe the person in the middle was shaking their head really quickly just as I took the photo?

This one’s a bit blury but oh well 🙂 to see more entries all in one place.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge

I really wasn’t sure about this week’s photo challenge but I thought this was a nice photo with a merging of the seasons. The daffodils show it is spring time, yet there is snow on skiddaw. It was taken in the Lakedistrict this Easter.

A good answer? I’ll keep thinking and may post another response to the challenge if inspiration strikes.