Comic Relief

Chocolate and orange comic relief cake 😀
Happy Red Nose Day!

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Rolo cookies

Great recipe.

For those with gas cookers – gas mark 3. And for those who don’t generally use cup measurments just use the same cup and improvise 😀 It worked for me.

Good luck, and enjoy x

Modern Alice

Everyday people do amazing things, and far too often their actions go unnoticed. While being fully aware of every single thing that every person does is next to impossible, it is important to celebrate even the small things when you do notice them. Being appreciative and thoughtful never goes out of style.

Next time that your neighbor watches your pets while you’re out of town or your friend gives you some of her hand-me-down clothes, bake them a batch of these delicious cookies to show your thanks. Or just make a batch and bring them to your school or work to share with the people who enhance your life on a daily basis.

Especially during Girl Scout cookie season, it’s nice to have a batch of gooey, preservative-free cookies. Bake up a batch of these ASAP and share them with the people you love. Nothing beats a homemade showing of love…

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