Felted Scarf

I made this scarf for a friends christmas present last November. I got into felting because my Mum started attending courses and so I got her to teach me how to felt as well. Now, I’m not as competent as she is and don’t have the confidence to make anything without her instruction but, I’m quite proud of this one 🙂

First, I laid out the wool and wetted it with soapy water before rubbing it to get it to felt together. Unfortunately, the wool didn’t want to felt on its own so we decided to add a black backing, hoping the colours would show up bright enough.

Using more warm, soapy water I spent ages rubbing until it was secure enough to roll. Everytime I do some felting I’m surprised at the amount of physical effort it takes but this had to be done quickly because I was using the dining room table and the family were getting hungry 😀

I was quite pleased with how the colour looked against the black, in fact I think it looks better than it would’ve done without the backing but it did mean it wasn’t as floaty as originally planned.

I almost didn’t want to give this away but giving something handmade as a present means more than just buying a mass-produced product 🙂


Newspaper Nails

I usually just paint my nails one bright colour. However, I saw this somewhere (facebook I think) and decided to give it a go. It took several trys and the first few attempts weren’t that neat but in the end it worked out pretty well, and it recieved nice comments from the hairdresser and the girls in New Look.

You will need:

  • pale nail varnish
  • ready-cut newspapers strips
  • nail varnish remover/a perfume with an alcohol content/vodka/gin
  • cotton wool pads
  • clear top coat of nail varnish
  1. Firstly, prepare your nails as usual and apply one or two layers of base colour
  2. Wait for it to dry fully
  3. Place a little alcohol substance on a cotton wool pad
  4. Carefully place a newspaper strip face down on your nail and cover with the cotton wool pad
  5. Press down firmly for 5-10 seconds, but no longer otherwise it will start removing your nail varnish
  6. Gently remove and repeat for your other nails
  7. Apply a clear top coat to hold the print in place

Note: Don’t use too much alcohol substance.

This also works better with smaller print and on longer nails, so if you bite your nails – stop! 🙂