Facebook News Articles

The other day I was just scrolling down my facebook newsfeed when I noticed they’d added ‘trending’ articles. It’s as if the fact that the issues on twitter described as ‘trending’ are deemed important enough to be pointed out during TV shows, as presenters seem constantly aware and hooked into the online world, isn’t enough.

However, once I looked at one particular ‘trending’ article I fear for the nation’s intellect if what they are interested in is limited to the sexuality of penguins. Then, I found myself drawn to it and had to click on the link to see what the fuss was about. Why is it that silly stories of little real importance are more interesting and engaging than the real-life issues?

Anyway, the article, from the guardian, amused, then disgusted, as it described a male penguin attempting to mount a dead female as recorded in the early 1900s by one of Scott’s Antarctic Expedition party. It then went on depicting similar behaviour of several others of the same species, as well as male/male activity and penguin paedophilia.

If this is the type of news students (including me) enjoy reading is there any hope for the future? How does real news stand a chance amongst such triviality?