A Rainy Trip to Chester

My best friends and I left the railway station near our homes in brilliant sunshine. However, somewhere along the two-hour train journey, the weather took a turn for the worse. When we finally arrived in Chester city at lunchtime we decided to stop at Pizza Hut as it was closest at the time and we naively hoped the rain would stop.

Out of the three days we spent in Chester, it rained and rained practically constantly. Still, it was a fun trip and we plan to go again later in the summer in better weather.

Knowing my luck it will rain next time as well. Afterall, it tipped it down in the Lakes and I believe I’m destined to remain wet during my trip to York tomorrow, where I shall be staying for a week.


A trip to the Lakedistrict: Woolfest

This weekend I visited the Lakedistrict to attend the Woolfest, just outside of Cockermouth. http://www.woolfest.co.uk/ The Woolfest has been orgainised by Woolclip since 2005, it involves many weavers, spinners, knitters and felters all displaying their wool and fabulous designs.

The start of our little holiday was … well there’s only one word for it – wet. The trip up the M6 was terrible, at some points we could hardly see 100 meters infront, with the backs of lorries and cars seemingly appearing out of nowhere. Anyway, thankfully we arrived in the Lakedistrict safe and sound. Braving the weather we ventured into Ambleside for some lunch and a bit much needed of retail therapy.

Having never been to the Woolfest before I wasn’t sure what to expect but knew I wanted a fleece. My mother had been on a course where she learned how to felt a sheeps fleece to make a rug, and I wanted to do one for my room. After wading through the muddy car park I felt like flitting from one stall to the next, but restrained myself. We chose our fleeces, mine a dark Jacob and Mums a blue-faced leicester and dropped them off in the wool creche before making our way up and down the aisles.

Now, along with all the half-finished projects at home, I’ve added to the list. If ever you want some crafty/arty inspiration go along to the Woolfest in the Lakedistrict. Wish me luck with completing my new projects!