God Save the Queen

The olympic opening ceremony is long awaited by many in the country (primarily those luckily enough to aquire tickets). However, one who may not look forward to the event with the same excited expectation is the Queen, who regularly has to resort to earplugs in order to endure hours of concerts containing artists she would never choose for herself. The olympic opening ceremony playlist proves no different, with the likes of David Bowie and Dizzie Rascal included in the 80 odd tracks chosen by Danny Boyle.

Other songs/artists to appear include, ‘Tiger Feet’, Coldplay and Adele. Thankfull, however, Cheryl Cole is missed off the list as are Cliff Richard and Elton John, in an attempt to differ from Gary Barlow’s Diamond Jubillee concert the other weekend.

(From Daily Mail)

Olympic playlist graphic

Controversially, the Sex Pistols anarchist punk anthem, ‘God Save the Queen’ , originally released in 1977 (the Queens silver jubilee year), is destined to appear among partriotic favourites such as ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ during the olympic concert while the Queen looks on.

Banned by the BBC for it violent, personal assult on the monarchy the Queen will have to maintain a polite, diplomatic facade and endure it. Unless of course, officials get cold feet and pull it from the playlist before then.

Should this tune to be played to represent Britain? Or should it be avoided to save the Queen from sitting through 3 and half minutes of anti-monarchist anarchism?